Monday, February 20, 2012

Bagram Winter!

Since it has been hard to upload pictures, I thought I would take some time to add pictures from the last 2 months... and our snow filled winter!! Below are a sampling of friends and a flavor of some of what this time has held for us!

Mel, with her "PCC" stole, just after Sunday morning worship.

Mel and one of the girls at the Egyptian Hospital. We try to visit at least once a month to bring everything from school supplies to warm clothes and toys.

A sampling of bears sent over to give out to the kids!

One of the boys at the Egyptian Hospital.

Mel and Bernadette outside of the Camp Sabalu-Harrison Chapel. Notice the snow!

Mel, Paula, and Violet the snow woman. She only lived about an hour before being destroyed by a gang of boys. I guess that comes with the territory!


  1. Mel,

    I was stationed in Bagram and volunteered at the Egyptian Hospital. I was injured and was sent back to the States suddenly. I want to find a little girl I grew fond of as I would like to continue to help her. her name is Hazzezza sp? She has a little sister she used to carry and she usually was there on Sun. Tues. And Thursday. can you help find her? I would like to send her some things. Thank you.

    Susan Carlson, CPT

    1. Susan... how can I email you? I looked you up on global and your address isn't working. I am very happy to try to connect with her. If you have FB, you could message me your info.... you can find me under Mel Baars...